5 Things To Consider When Purchasing A Home In Arizona With A Solar Lease

It doesn’t matter if you are new to Arizona, or you have lived here your whole life, buying a solar home here is a very special experience. Arizona is warm and sunny most of the time and I’ll take that any day over alternative weather conditions. The solar home market is vast and solar is available at every level here are absolutely beautiful and there is plenty of desert real estate for anyone that wants to come to join the solar real estate party going on in AZ. Here are some things to consider when purchasing solar real estate.

Take Your Time

If the solar home you want is on the market and currently in a bidding war, don’t hesitate to stand back and let it go. Believe it or not, there are plenty of homes being sold with solar, you just need to be patient as there are less of them than non-solar homes on the market. Do your research or ask a solar relator to find out if the solar panels are leased or owned. Understanding solar leases and solar lease transfers will help the process along. If the solar system on the home is leased, and your realtor is not familiar with how lease transfers work you should contact a solar realtor immediately if you are serious about buying the home. A solar realtor will help guide you through the process of purchasing a home in Arizona with a solar lease. There are other things to consider, especially if the home has an escalated solar lease.

Solar Home Inspections Are A Must

Just like a home without a solar system, solar homes should have a home inspection prior to purchasing. If the solar system is owned outright, it would be wise to hire a solar specialist to appraise the value of the system and to check functionality and life expectancy. If it is a leased system, the leasing company should send out a rep for inspection and cover any maintenance or repair that needs to be done with the system. A home inspection is something that should be done regardless if it’s a solar home or not, having solar panels just gives potential buyers one more thing to think about. Aside from the solar panels, there are other electrical components that make up the system.

Have The Roof Checked Thoroughly

There isn’t much rain in Arizona, but that doesn’t mean that the elements aren’t harsh on the rooftop. Most solar homes have the solar system installed on the roof of the home. A roofing inspector should thoroughly check the materials underneath the solar panels to make sure they are not covering any damaged surface area. The roof should be inspected at the mounting brackets also to make sure the mounting bolts are secured properly and there are no openings for rainfall to enter the attic.

Check Around The Solar Panels For Termite Damage

Arizona has termites, if you are buying a home in Arizona with a solar lease you will want to have the home inspected for termites. If any plywood on the roof needs to be replaced because of termite damage, and they need to remove parts of the roof that the solar panels are mounted too, the leasing company will need to send out techs to temporarily remove the panels to the work can be done. While the panels are in the lease, a homeowner is not to remove or perform maintenance on them. If the solar panels are owned, then obviously remove them at your own risk or hire a contractor to do it for you.

Stay Free From Tree Cover

The seasons are pretty mellow year-round. Summer is probably the harshest season we have in Arizona, it gets extremely hot and the monsoons are very active. Most homeowners like a little tree cover to provide shade during those summer months and help the home stay cool. With rooftop solar panels, the opposite is true. For you to take full advantage of your rooftop solar system in Arizona you will need to have as much exposure to the sun year-round as possible. Hopefully, this was taken into consideration when the solar panels were installed. Contact a solar realtor today to see what solar homes in Arizona are available for purchase.