Arizona Solar Realtors – Buying And Selling Solar Property

As solar realtors in Arizona, we have seen and experienced it all. Solar leases, escalated leases, liens, loans, and full system ownership. Home buyers aren’t typically aware of all the details that need to be addressed when buying or selling a home in Arizona with solar panels. The benefit of hiring us as your solar realtor is that we will take the wheel and get you to where you want to go without the hassle and unnecessary complications. Simple things like initiating the transfer of the solar lease can save everyone time and money so that the transfer is complete by the time the home sells. There are other things your solar realtor will do for you, calculate the value, submit a credit application for the solar lease, and educate you on the new equipment you have purchased or leased with your new home. Understanding the technology will make all the money savings that much better.

More homes in Arizona are going solar because it’s an option that is more affordable than ever. Solar was once a technology that came with a price tag outside the reach of most homeowners. Now with the affordability of the technology and extended leasing options, more and more homeowners in Arizona are opting into solar programs. As solar realtors, we believe that the technology is so valuable that it’s possible that the technology actually begins to pay for itself as soon as it’s turned on. Depending on the size of the solar system, lease, utility company, state laws and incentives, an Arizona homeowner can recover the upfront expenses as soon as three years into the lease and as far out as 10 years depending on the circumstances.

Leasing options and state incentives have encouraged homeowners in Arizona to go solar. Taking advantage of the incentives and leasing options without the upfront cost of the technology has been enough to advance the industry and get more homeowners in Arizona to buy into the solar technology. The other benefit to leasing is that the maintenance and repair of the solar panels are usually covered by the leaseholder. This means that you are not responsible for fixing anything.

Going solar in Arizona has many benefits, saving money on your electric bill is just one. The added value it can bring to a home when it’s time to sell is another. If you have locked in rates with the utility company than the new property owner can inherit those rates as they take over the lease on the property. Having a solar realtor that understands solar lease transfers will be important for creating value around the solar system.

If you are thinking about converting to solar, there are some things to consider. Is the roof too old to support the weight and size of the system? Is the roof positioned properly to take advantage of the sunlight? Is the roof shaded from trees or other light obstructing objects? In the Phoenix Metro area, most homes have their roofs exposed to the elements with little shade cover. Northern Arizona homes may have issues with tree cover creating too much shade over the panels. If this is the case, then ground mounted systems are available. Open fields and hillsides are optimal places for this. This comes with a price tag though, instead of mounting the solar panels to the roof, your installer will need to build a ground structure for the solar panels, dig trenches, and bury cables underground that connect to the home where the electricity is transferred.

Most solar systems in Arizona use photovoltaic cells to convert solar power into electricity. Newer thin-film cells can be used as roof tiles or even skylight glazing. As the technology advances, more options will become available for use. There are affordable options and the more expensive options. There are benefits to both and your solar realtor should educate you on the differences.